AR Products are patented, tested and proven for long-term performance.

About AR Products, LLC

AR Products specializes in galloping control solutions by analyzing sections of at-risk electric transmission systems and recommending the appropriate product and application for the environment. Patented, tested and proven as reliable solutions for the long term, AR Products are made in the USA.

By developing viable solutions to a galloping problem, AR Products supports the needs of both project and consulting engineers. Grounded in fundamental, scientific and engineering principles, AR Products technology provides cost-effective, galloping control that is intent on asset protection. Applications are designed to interrupt high-amplitude galloping.

AR Products, LLC supplies reliable, anti-galloping and vibration control solutions for electrical transmission systems. AR Products are patented, tested, and proven for the long term. Made in the USA, AR Products solutions are intent on asset protection.

Research Consulting Associates (RCA) is a small business enterprise that specializes in galloping and vibration analysis, testing and solution design. Research Consulting provides the expert analysis and engineering underlying all AR Products anti-galloping solutions.

Capabilities: Delivering market-driven solutions based in science and technology.

AR Products uses a systems approach to understanding galloping problems and in delivering a reliable solution for the long term. A span-by-span analysis helps optimize a comprehensive solution to the unpredictable nature of galloping spans.

Our solutions are grounded in fundamental, scientific and engineering principles that leverage over 40 years of research and development undertaken by Research Consulting Associates. RCA was founded out of the MIT Aeroelastic and Structures Research Laboratory. In addition to industry studies, RCA research has been supported by the National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, and Department of Commerce.

The supporting research and applications of AR Products’ commercialized inventions, have been featured in professional journals and at convening’s of the IEEE, ASCE, CIGRE, Institute of Electrical Engineers and Electric Power Systems Research.

Albert S. Richardson Inventor & Founder

A recognized expert in the field of galloping and vibration control, Mr. Richardson was an executive officer of the MIT Aeroelastic Laboratory. As founder of AR Products and Research Consulting Associates, Mr. Richardson was awarded over 30 patents and trademarks and authored over 80 technical papers on the subject of galloping.

Albert S. Richardson, P.E.
Inventor & Founder

2021 Scholarship Applications Due April 30th.

The Albert S Richardson Engineering Scholarship

About the Engineering Scholarship

The Albert S Richardson Engineering Scholarship is a one-year, $5000 award to one graduating high school senior from the greater Canton Ohio area who has been accepted into an accredited undergraduate engineering program. The award is renewable up to 3 more years for a total of $20,000. The award is based on potential for leadership and making a contribution to the field of engineering. The Scholarship intends to help one student each year from the greater Canton, OH area pursue higher education in the field of engineering science.

2021 Scholarship Press Release

AR Products Announces 2020 Scholarship Winner!

The first recipient of the Albert S Richardson Engineering Scholarship has been awarded to Canton resident and GlenOak graduating senior John Grunder. John has been accepted into the engineering program at Kent State University. Mr. Grunder has elected a double major in Mechatronics Engineering and Construction Management.

“We had seven strong candidates apply for this new $5000 engineering scholarship,” said Sydney Ann Richardson, member of the Scholarship review committee, 2020 graduate of University of Alabama and granddaughter of Albert S Richardson, Jr, for whom the scholarship is named. ”This process has given me a chance to learn more about my grandfather’s life in Canton and how our values have been influenced by life in Ohio and the Canton community,” she added.

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