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Solutions for overhead transmission lines

Bundled Conductors
AR products have been protecting overhead transmission lines in the U.S. and Canada from high amplitude galloping
for more than 50 years. A variety of models are available. Made in the USA, 
AR Products offers solutions intent on asset protection.
AR Spacer Damper MOD 2
A gallop control solution for twin, triple or quad bundles, the AR Spacer Damper is effective at controlling galloping and vibration of long spans. The clamps are designed to swivel about the Spacer Damper Ring, a feature that allows the damper to attach to both vertical and horizontal bundles. This unique design mitigates sub-conductor oscillation as well as rolling of the bundle. 
AR Spacer Damper MOD 2 Tech Sheet
AR Lightweight Spacer Damper Tech Sheet
AR Lightweight Spacer Damper
A lighter weight solution for bundled conductors, this damper controls galloping on vertical and horizontal lines. The articulating clamps can rotate through large angles while allowing the conductor to twist as is starts to gallop. 
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