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Solutions for overhead transmission lines

Single Conductors
AR products have been protecting overhead transmission lines in the U.S. and Canada from high amplitude galloping
for more than 50 years. A variety of models are available. Made in the USA, 
AR Products offers solutions intent on asset protection.
Windampers control galloping of a single conductor by using aerodynamic lift and drag to cause variation in the wind angle of attach along the conductor. Windampers have a service life of 20+ years. Six models are available.
AR Twister
Twisters work by twisting a single conductor, by inertia offset, both statically and dynamically. Vibration control is achieved by allowing the eccentric wight to move against the vibration. Five models are available, each with a wide range of clamp sizes.
Windamper Tech Sheet
AR Twister Tech Sheet
AR Spacer Twister
Rotating clamps fitted at the ends of a polymer insulator dynamically twist the single conductor when galloping events occur, while maintaining a separation when there is insufficient clearance between phases. The Spacer Twister has eliminated breaker notations  treated spans up to 345 kV.
AR Spacer Twister Tech Sheet
AR Twister |Slider
The Twister | Slider reduces galloping of the line by forcing the conductor to twist and unload its aerodynamic lift. An ultra-light weight galloping control solution for today's lighter-weight conductors and single pole lines, the Twister | Slider can also meet the unique needs of optical ground wires and distribution feeder lines.
Twister \ Slider Tech Sheet
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