Product Testing

Holding Strength.* Two models of AR Clamps have been tested for holding strength.
 Alligator grip clamps slipped at a tensile load of 1000 lbs. Nutcracker grip clamp slipped
at a tensile load of 1200 lbs.
    Clamp Holding Tests
Corona and RIV Testing* AR Clamps and Spacer Dampers have been tested for
RIV measurements and corona photographs. RIV and Corona tests indicate
AR Clamps are free of corona ad RIV well above 345kV.

    Corona/RIV Testing of the AR Clamp
   Corona/RIV Testing of the AR Clamp with Neoprene

Strength Testing.* AR Lightweight Spacer Dampers have been tested for
strength to 2200 lbs. in a series of tests including torque.

    Strength Testing of AR Lightweight
Insulator Rod Testing.* Insulator rods used in the AR Spacer Twister have been tested for compressive strength to establish column-buckling behavior. The tensile test of the 5/8 rod revealed an ultimate load of 35,000 lbs. The rods behave as an elastic column under compression load.

   Phase Spacer Axial Load Tests for AR Spacer Twister 

Galloping and Vibration Performance Testing.* AR Twister have been tested to qualify for performance in controlling Aeolian vibration and galloping on energized high voltage transmission lines. Testing also included corona and RIV.

    AR Damper Vibration and High Voltage Tests

Dynamic & Mechanical Testing.* AR Clamps, Twister and Spacer Damper have been test for mechanical characteristics and tensile strength.
    Dynamic & Mechanical Testing of MOD 2  
    Mechanical Testing of AR Clamp 
* All tests were completed in an independent laboratory.
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