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Understanding Twisting Technology 

Twisting the conductor as a method to control galloping is a complex challenge. AR Products specializes in designing a solution suitable for the unique characteristics and features of the line. Experience has shown that dampers that twist the conductor will act to arrest galloping, rather than merely decrease galloping amplitude.

How Twisting works to control galloping. As the wind angle of attack creates galloping conditions, the gravitational force on the damper will cause the conductor to start twisting, thus dumping off the aerodynamic lift. AR solutions control galloping by twisting the conductor, a methodology based on two key principles: acceleration and inertia.

Studies on Galloping

State of the Art of Galloping; CIGRE

A Study of Galloping Conductors on a 230kV line

Analytical Comparison of Tension vs. Twist to Control Galloping
Predicting Galloping Amplitude I
Predicting Galloping Amplitude II 

Introducing a modest amount of twist into a transmission line can eliminate
conductor galloping.
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