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AR Products | Research Consulting Associates

AR Products, LLC supplies reliable, anti-galloping and vibration control solutions for electrical transmission systems. AR Products are patented, tested, and proven for the long term. Made in the USA, AR Products solutions are intent on asset protection.

Research Consulting Associates is a small business enterprise that specializes in galloping and vibration analysis, testing and solution design.

RCA is focused in discovering new knowledge about galloping control and in designing products for the next generation electric power systems. RCA provides the expert analysis and engineering underlying all AR Products anti-galloping solutions.

Capabilities: Delivering market-driven solutions based in science and technology.

AR uses a systems approach to understanding galloping problems and in delivering a reliable solution for the long term. A span-by-span analysis helps optimize a comprehensive solution to the unpredictable nature of galloping spans.

AR solutions are grounded in fundamental, scientific and engineering principles that leverage over 40 years of research and development undertaken by Research Consulting Associates. RCA was founded out of the MIT Aeroelastic and Structures Research Laboratory. In addition to industry studies, RCA research has been supported by the National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, and Department of Commerce.

Product research and applications of the firmís commercialized inventions have been featured in professional journals and at conveningís of the IEEE, ASCE, CIGRE, Institute of Electrical Engineers and Electric Power Systems Research.
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